5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Dashboards


Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not only, source of competitive advantage.

Peter F. Drucker

Businesses have evolved with technology, especially how they collect, crunch, and analyse data. From the days of manual data entry, to physical data warehouses at HQs and now with cloud computing, accessing actionable data in real-time has become a reality.

Not until big data and cloud computing got commercialized did businesses find a way to leverage and make sense of tons of data stored in expensive data warehouses. But big data and cloud computing technologies have also evolved.

Data analysts have given us a tremendous combination of cloud storage and cloud-based dashboard software to crunch data and business analytics reports. But the advent of dashboards has changed how we perceive business data analysis.

Cloud based dashboards, or mobile dashboards, allow any business stakeholder to access cutting-edge, actionable insights in real time, while on the move.

With an ever-increasing demand for rapid data analysis and up-to-date reports, businesses want more out of their data than mere statistics on a spreadsheet. With advanced data visualization tools or BI dashboards, the need for continuous reporting in the form of byte-sized visual snippets to assess and capitalize on real-time market opportunities has become a necessity.

Here’s 5 big reasons to convince you that mobile dashboards are a treasure trove and not a mirage.

1 | Consumer Culture: Social media has found its way into the office campus

Business Intelligence data users are immersed in consumer culture. Consumers generate and lap up content on social media platforms constantly. Floor managers, supply chain executives, sales executives and client facing workforce aren’t any different. They harbour similar expectations to gain access to insightful data in real-time.

2 | Contextual Data: Data delivered for quick consumption

The challenge of delivering real-time data analysis via mobile BI dashboards is not to transition all the data (from the desktop dashboard). Going mobile with BI gives a unique opportunity for businesses to deliver data relevant to the end-user, in the form of snapshots and summaries to help them make real-time decisions.

3 | Mobile BI makes your insightful data versatile

Not all stakeholders in an organization seek or need similar types of reports. The one-size-fits-all approach is long dead, purely because modern day dash boards built with feature rich data visualization tools are engineered to create customised reports that can be shared via multiple channels. This is true BI.

4 | Actionable Data: Improved knowledge sharing

Data sitting idle primarily for desktop consumption limits its potential to be actionable round-the-clock. It is a boon for end-users to access real-time stats and trends to identify new market opportunities. Accurate decision making driven by real-time data enhances company reputation and helps businesses act on marketplace opportunities.

5 | Competitive Advantage: Real-time data helps businesses adapt and out-manoeuvre competition

Organizations invest in top-notch technologies and talents to achieve responsive flexibility so they can stay ahead of the competition. Real-time data helps businesses to cross-sell and upsell in a timely manner and respond to changing market conditions dynamically. Real-time data delivery creates opportunities for flexibility and adaptability to out-manoeuvre competitors.

Organizations that have taken to Mobile BI like ducks to water have reaped enormous benefits of achieving business efficiency and growth, completely driven by data, especially by making relevant information accessible to each stakeholder, no matter their location.

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