Which Data Visualization Tool Is Right For Your Business – Tableau, Qliksense Or Klipfolio?

If an organization can be likened to a massive engine, then its business units are analogous to the vital components

If an organization can be likened to a massive engine, then its business units are analogous to the vital components within it, where information or data become the engine oil that keeps every component working in optimal condition, thus achieving the desired performance.

Here, we look at 3 Data Visualization tools and how they can optimise your organization. Before we begin, it is fair to say that these BI application infrastructures are not all the same. They make data crunching and interpreting easy with modern data visualization tools.

What are the similarities between Qlik Sense, Tableau, and Klipfolio?

All 3 Data Visualization applications are purpose-built to consume single or multiple sources of data and provide actionable insights. Sharing these insights with relevant business units or power-users is also a seamless function on all 3 applications. They offer top-notch responsive user interfaces that allow for easy, real-time consumption of data in high-quality visualization models.

These applications can be fully customized to meet unique business needs, offering a complete set of open and standard APIs for building rich analytic apps and embedding visualizations into existing solutions. Each application has its own data market enabling users to access a comprehensive library of external data directly within it.

Now that the similarities between these applications has been established, it is vital to look at how they differ from each other.

How does Tableau differ from its competitors?


Tableau offers connections to large sets of data sources. Fuelled by top-notch technology, Tableau claims to have made the data-crunching mechanism 10-100x faster than its competitors. Though Tableau is considered to require a fair amount of training to acquaint oneself with the application, most of its features are designed with drag-and-drop controls, enabling easy data analysis and visualization.

What features are unique to Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense’s smart search capabilities allows users to explore and analyse data through interactive charts and modern data visualization models just by typing keywords into the search bar. Additionally, data visualization is integrated automatically with the QIX engine, making them fully interactive and responsive to changes from anywhere within the app. Qlik Cloud allows sharing of Qlik Sense applications with up to 5 users for free without requiring them to download the application.

What is unique about Klipfolio’s use of metrics?

Klipfolio appeals to first time users of business intelligence applications/tools with its incredibly flamboyant and interactive user interface. The dashboards work instantly upon the insertion of data into the application. Klipfolio is a plug-and-play for basic statistics. It offers ready-made metrics, KPIs and dashboards.

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